Week of the 25/05/2020 - #22



  • Symbolic Mathematics Finally Yields to Neural Networks


  • Svelte: yet another JavaScript framework


  • “Rare” 60s cars built in Argentina


  • Jeremy Mann - Sketchbooks,oil paintings, photography and film

Symbolic Mathematics Finally Yields to Neural Networks

I read the article “Symbolic Mathematics Finally Yields to Neural Networks” on Quanta Magazine [web] which talks about a paper by a group of researchers from Facebook which uses Neural Networks to analytically solve integration and partial differential equations. The paper uses RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) to represent the equations and then sequence to sequence learning to solve the equations.

  • Article in Quanta Magazine - [web]
  • Deep Learning for Symbolic Mathematics - Paper in ArXiv. [article] [pdf]
  • A ten-minute introduction to sequence-to-sequence learning in Keras - [article] . Short tutorial implementing seq2seq on Keras.
  • Sequence to Sequence Learning with Neural Networks - [arxiv] - [pdf] Origina paper on the sequence to sequence method.

Svelte: yet another JavaScript framework

Some links for this new JavaScript framwork focussed on performance.

  • Rich Harris - Tethinking reactivity - YouTube video by Svelts creator. [YouTube].
  • Svelte Github repo - [github]
  • Svelte webpace - [web]
  • Svelte examples - A list of code examples [web]
  • Markdown + Svelte - [web]
  • Rich Harris Twitter account - you can follow the creator of Svelte on [twitter]

“Rare” 60s cars built in Argentina

This article that appeared in Clarin talks about the ‘strange cars’ which where built in Argentina in the 60s [web]. Some pictures follos:

cars 03 cars 11 cars 05 cars 07 cars 10 cars 06 cars 04 cars 09 cars 08 cars 00 cars 02 cars 12 cars 01

Jeremy Mann - Sketchbooks,oil paintings, photography and film

I’m watching the “The Sketchbook Series” in the Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn YouTube channel and came across a new artist I didn’t know: Jeremy Mann. He is a very prolific and varied artist who explores in photography, drawing, painting and recently film. One interesting hobby mentioned in the video is that he tears appart old camaras and combines them with polaroid film to create a very interesting hybrid photgraphy. Here is some of his artwork and several links to his art.

Jeremy Mann 03 Jeremy Mann 04 Jeremy Mann 05 Jeremy Mann 06 Jeremy Mann 07 Jeremy Mann 08

  • The Sketchbook Series - Jeremy Mann - This is his video in [YouTube]
  • Jeremy Mann website - His website is very nice with lots of art. [web]
  • Jeremy Mann Instagram page - [IG]
  • MANN Vol. 1.7 The Sketchbooks - This is a large book which reproduces some of his sketchbooks. I’ll try to buy it at some point. [store page]

Jeremy Mann 01 Jeremy Mann 02

  • MANN Vol. 1.3 Plein Air - “This 176 page, hardbound, 6 x 9 inch book contains a duplicate of Jeremy Mann’s sketchbook of plein air paintings” [store page]
  • Behind the Dark Room - “A fast and informative video describing the paths I’ve taken as an artist to pursue my love of analogue photography and homemade cameras, to illustrate the effects they have played upon my paintings.” [YouTube]
  • A Solitary Mann - “Jeremy Mann’s world is a place where pain, desire and lust combine to project the realest parts of the human spirit.” [YouTube]
  • The Sketchbook Series - This is a very well filmed series which showcases artists. Here’s a link to the playlist. YouTube