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Week of the 06/04/2020 - #15



  • Books on Quantum Field Theory
  • More Physics Books - Richard Feynman


  • Books on IoT / ESP-32 / ESP-8266

Books on Quantum Field Theroy

I was reading an article on Quantamagzine on “Why Do Matter Particles Come in Threes?” and realized that although I took an introductory graduate level course on Quantum Field Theory while doing my PhD there are many things related to particle physics that I don’t know about. Most notably the very basic Standard Model. So, I thought that since its 2020 and its been 20 years since I took that course it would be interesting to see what new books there are around. A google search reveleade this page which lists “20 Best Quantum Field Theory Books for Beginners”. After skimming over the list I decided to download these and give them a go:

  • An Introductory Course of Particle physics - Palash B. Pal
  • From Classical to Quantum Fields - Laurent Baulieu, John Iliopoulos, Roland Seneor
  • Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell: Second Edition - Anthony Zee
  • Particles and Quantum Fields - Hagen Kleinert
  • Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model - Mathew D. Schwartz
  • The Little Book of String Theory (Science Essentials) - although not Quantum Field Theory its an intro to String Theory which another topic I’d like to get an idea of.

Now, if you are like me, not really dedicated to physics and live in a third world country with no access to a library with this books: you need to resort to… ehrmm… the internet. In the case of Physics textbooks you need to access LibGen. This site has whatever textbook you are looking for.

  • LibGen In this site you can find just about any Physics textbook you can think of. Probably math an enginereeing too.


  • DB dumps of all content - The UI for the site leaves a lot to be desired. Fortunately one can download dumps. Perhaps we can develop a simple app to quickly navigate throught this information. Additionally perhaps we can use Machine Learning to organize / sort this? Files are huge.

Books on IoT / ESP-32 / ESP-8266

While browsing LibGen I came across a couple of IoT books that might be interesting to look at. Here they are:

  • ESP8266 Internet of Things Cookbook
  • MicroPython Programming with ESP32 and ESP8266

More Physics Books - Richard Feynman

A couple of days ago I browsed my list of books I wanted to buy and came across two by Richard Feynman: “Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Physics” and “Six Not-So-Easy Pieces: Einstein’s Relativity, Symmetry, and Space-Time”. Browsing through his other books I came across a third book which I haven’t seen: “Feynman lectures on gravitation”. I downloaded the three books.

  • Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Physics
  • Six Not-So-Easy Pieces: Einstein’s Relativity, Symmetry, and Space-Time
  • Feynman lectures on gravitation