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Week of the 10/03/2022 - #40



  • Flashparty 2022

Flashparty 2022

This weekend I attended the 2022 edition of the Flashparty. I was eager to attend because I had submitted my first 256b MSDOS entry for it (more on another post). Here are some of the highlights for me:

  • Post-Confinamiento - one of my favorite entries. A beautiful, poetic animation. From the nfo entry: “Artwork made using mixed techniques including ASCII/ANSI textart, live action footage, filtering and frame-by-frame animation.”. Very inspiring. YouTube
  • Turner the Worm(s) in: Turn, Turn, Turn! - A Teletex comic like whatever. By Mistifris group. I’m pretty sure it referenced a lot of stuff which I’m sure missing but it is a very nice animation.

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