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Week of the 25/10/2021 - #43



  • VimConf 2021

VimConf 2021

On Friday and Saturday we had the virtual vim conf 2021. What an event! It was packed with vim related talks and I learned of a lot of cool plugins and vim goodness. Here I list randomly the plugins and utilities that caught by eye:


  • harpoon - The goal of Harpoon is to get you where you want with the fewest keystrokes.
  • telescope.nvim - Find, Filter, Preview, Pick. All lua, all the time. This is a must have plugin for Neovim. © 2021 GitHub, Inc.
  • nvim-comment - A comment toggler for Neovim, written in Lua
  • nvim-treesitter - there was a lot of mentions of Treesitter which is something I hadn’t heard of. My understanding is that its used to parse languages and provide better syntax highlighting, code suggestions, etc. Still not sure how it fits into the vim landscape.

Productivity tools

A learned of a couple of tools (some I hadn’t heard of like ripgrep and others I had forgotten about like fd)

  • ripgrep - an incredibly fast grep replacement. You can invoke it with rg. “ripgrep is a line-oriented search tool that recursively searches the current directory for a regex pattern. By default, ripgrep will respect gitignore rules and automatically skip hidden files/directories and binary files. “
  • fd - A simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to ‘find’
  • fzf -  A command-line fuzzy finder
  • fzf-tmux - Use fzf to manage your tmux work environment! with fzf. I use it to switch via fzf to a window
  • kitty - The fast, feature-rich, GPU based terminal emulator
  • lazygit - The best terminal UI based git browser. This I’ve started to use and its incredibly intuitive and easy to use. In my opinion, much better than trying to use git inside vim.
  • bat - A cat(1) clone with wings.