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Week of the 4/05/2021 - #14



  • Sizecoding CSS demo
  • Tiny Markdown Parser
  • Revision 2021: ASCII/ANSI/PETSCII Compo

Sizecoding CSS demo

I’ve been thinking about doing some HTML/CSS/JS sizecoding. I’ve seen a couple of impressive JS 1K demos in the past and since I’m pretty proficient in HTML/CSS/JS I think it might be interesting to explore what can be done.

For starters I created this simple roto/zoom effect using only CSS:

<style>p{animation:p 3s infinite;width:100vw;
height:100vh;background:linear-gradient(gray 50%,#fff 50%)}
@keyframes p{0%,100%{background-size:9px 9px}
50%{transform:rotate(720deg);background-size:99px 99px}}

YouTube video of the effect

Some screenshots:

CSS Rotozoom 1 CSS Rotozoom 2

It’s not particularly pretty but shows how using animations + CSS you can create a simple effect in 217 bytes. I need to explore a little more this idea and see if I might be able to create something nicer in 256 bytes or 1k. I found a couple of places with intersting CSS effects:

I think by using CSS animations + a nice ogg / webm loop in an

Some other cool HTML/JS/CSS demos

These are 1k:

These or other smaller ones:

  • Tea Storm - 256 bytes JavaScript signed distance field raymarcher using 2D Canvas. TEA STORM won at Function 2013. Break down here

Tea Storm demo screenshot

Some ideas to explore:

Tiny Markdown Parser

Need a very small markdown parser? Look no further! mmd.js is what you need! To use simply do:

<script src=mmd.min.js></script>
  console.log( mmd('Markdown is **sweet**') );

That’s it!

Revision 2021: ASCII/ANSI/PETSCII Compo

Here are some of my favorite productions presented in Revision 2021 from this compo:

  • Nazi-sceners-fuck-off.asc by LMN
  • NFO4Revision2021 by Nightmare/Nuance


  • Together by Fuzion/Neokortex
  • Exodus Infofile for TRSI by H7/TRSI & Accession & The Boys
  • Nanakorobi Yaoki by Luisa/Poo-Brain ^ Rabenauge

Nanakorobi Yaoki ANSI ASCII

Here and here are the results.

This are some ideas that I liked from revision ASCII/ANSI/PETSCII productions from Revision 2021:

This is from an Amiga production. I like the use of / and \:

    /\ s c i i

    \/\| i l L

    b e   b a c |<


From Party Ascii Collection:

         ____/\ ____.    _ _____/\
    .___/  _ //___  |_____ ___   \\
   _|_  \__ \/    \ _     \_ /     \ ___
_._\__\ __________/_|______/_______//__/_._
 |                                       |
 |      ShRiMPS dESiGN   bRiNGS   A      |
 |     PARtY ASCii COllECtiON fOR thE    |
_|_ REViSiON PARtY 2o21 .... bY YOP/Shd _|_