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Week of the 06/07/2020 - #28



  • CBM 8032 AVcomputer graphics and sound [2016-2019]
  • Deep Learning for Symbolic Mathematics GitHub
  • One Tweet Shader

CBM 8032 AVcomputer graphics and sound [2016-2019]

Computer art

From their site: “The CBM 8032 AV project is an exploration of the beauty of simple graphics and sound, using computers from the early 1980’s. This work is about the ambivalence between a contemporary aesthetic and the usage of obsolete and limited technology from 40 years ago. Everything presented within the project could have been done already in the 1980, but it needed the cultural backdrop of today to come up with the artistic ideas driving it.”

  • Site with a lot of information on the project - [web]
  • Inside the CBM8032AV project - This is a technical breakdown of the hardware/software used for the presentation [breakdown]
  • Robert Henke - the authors website [website]

Thumbnails of parts of the demo

Deep Learning for Symbolic Mathematics

All the source code for the article “Deep Learning for Symbolic Mathematics” has been release in GitHub! In this paper by the Facebook Research AI Lab they show how a Sequence to Sequence neural network can be used to find integrals and solve differential equations (in one variable). Now they have released all their source code and data in GitHub.

  • Deep Learning for Symbolic Mathematics - The paper in arXiv [article]
  • The source code in GitHub - [GitHub]

One Tweet Shader is an online editor for One tweet shader, with gif generator and sound shader, and broadcast live coding.

  • Online version to experiment - This is the site online to test [web]
  • GitHub repo - This is the repo with the source code. [github]