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Week of the 06/12/2021 - #49



  • More Busy Beaver Results


  • Notcurses
  • Raspberry Pi Powered SMS Gateway
  • DFeed - An RSS reader without login
  • Some C64 Art from compos


  • #OneWeek100People by Marc T. Holmes

More Busy Beaver Results

I read a blog post about a result I was aware of relating to the busy beaver problem. The result is the following: it is impossible to prove the value of BB(k) in ZFC when k = 7918. ZFC stands for Zermelo–Fraenkel set theory with the axiom of choice. ZFC is basically “an axiomatic system that was proposed in the early twentieth century in order to formulate a theory of sets”. To sum up very generally a set of axioms from which all (?) mathematic theorems can be proven from.

Reading this blog post and trying to understand its impact sent me on a wild ride of reading other interestings bits I want to collect here so I can re-read / finish later. Here they are:

Raspberry Pi Powered SMS Gateway

The result of this project. A fully functioning REST API capable of sending and receiving messages

How to build a Rasperry Pi powered SMS gateway with a simple PHP based API. This is the article and the GH repo here

DFeed - An RSS reader without login

Show HN: Dfeed – a feed reader you can use without an account


Notcurses logo

A library facilitating complex TUIs on modern terminal emulators, supporting vivid colors, multimedia, threads, and Unicode to the maximum degree possible. Things can be done with Notcurses that simply can’t be done with NCURSES. It is furthermore fast as shit.

Some C64 Art from compos

There were a couple of demo compos lately and here are some C64 graphics and PETSCII entries which I liked.

St. Basil

St. Basil by Hammerfist / Desire - Released at Syntax 21

Time out

Time out by Feailrlight - released at Transmissing64 2021 Fall Edition


Bebes by Extended - released at Transmissing64 2021 Fall Edition


Hyperspace by Dr.TerrorZ PETSCII - Released at Syntax 21

#OneWeek100People by Marc T. Holmes

An urban sketcher I really like is Mark Taro Holmes. I love his simple approach to skeching and the fresh results he gets with a simple 3 step technique that he develops in his Travel Sketching in Mixed Media Craftsy course. I re-discovered his blog lately and wanted to show case some of his work. Every year he hosts a challenge to draw 100 people in 5 days. The artwork I show below are from previous challenges. You can read more about the challenge in this blog post

Mark T. Holmes - #OneWeek100People 1 Mark T. Holmes - #OneWeek100People 2 Mark T. Holmes - #OneWeek100People 3 Mark T. Holmes - #OneWeek100People 4 Mark T. Holmes - #OneWeek100People 5 Mark T. Holmes - #OneWeek100People 6 Mark T. Holmes - #OneWeek100People 7 Mark T. Holmes - #OneWeek100People 8 Mark T. Holmes - #OneWeek100People 9