Week of the 06/03/2024 - #23



  • Synthesizer emulators

Synthesizer emulators

Stimming beats on a budget

  • Stimming presents Beats On A Budget - Electronic music producer Stimming teams up with Telekom Electronic Beats TV for a series of masterclasses for aspiring young music-makers. Starting from ground zero under a new and unknown alias, lfome, and with a limited budget of 500€ only, Stimming will guide aspiring young music-makers through the basic equipment and setup needed to start producing quality tunes.

Surge screenshot

  • Surge Synthesizer - Free and opensource hybrid synthesizer.
  • Dexed - DX7 FM multi plaform/multi format plugin. web page
  • MiniDexed - Dexed FM synthesizer similar to 8x DX7 (TX816/TX802) running on a bare metal Raspberry Pi (without a Linux kernel or operating system)